iPhone 2014

This Year : Pressure Sensors and Curved Display with IPhone 6

Apple will be releasing two new models for IPhone 6 by the end of the year, according to Bloomberg ‘s reports that follow closely validated sources. Although the new model of IPhone 5S has just been launched a few months ago and even if some users just received their order for this model , IPhone 6 is on the pipeline for some time now. From the information available, we should expect wider and curved displays together with pressure sensors as new features embedded in the models that Apple are developing at the time being.
At the moment, Apple is situated behind the Android devices concerning some aspects as screen size , smartwatches and with curved smartphones since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Round . Apple will not continue allowing Android devices to have supplementary features compared to them, even if a curved display isn’t considered a practical option.
Sources claim that the new two models that are being currently developed for IPhone 6 will have wider screens , boasting 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch , catching up with the size of existing brands on the market. Moreover, they will place on the market the innovation of pressure sensors that will differentiate a soft tap from a hard tap. The pressure sensors will be a new method of inserting additional options to the existing features. Developers and user will have at their disposal fresh ways of interaction with the device but without significant changes of the operating system.

iPhone 2014

iPhone 6

The new prototypes for IPhone 6 are currently being developed by the same company known to the public as responsible for previous Apple models of devices- Cupertino. It is also known that , for reasons unknown, not all the designed products ended up available on the market.

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