Fire test for each model of iPhone (VIDEO)

Today we present a test quite unusual that confronts every model of iPhone released so far he trying to show us how well resist each in front of an open flames, the situation is extremely interesting to know what to we expect if the terminals would get into such a situation.

As you can see in the video below, 10 terminals iPhone are used to test them representing each iteration of the iPhone 2G and up to now, and the end result is pretty exciting, unexpected for me, and that’s because devices older resisted best.

From iPhone 2G iPhone 4S all terminals remained functional despite having undergone fire, but the iPhone 5 now on any device not worked, moreover, batteries some also have exploded, but could the fire was gut in the area where were they and why it would have been more pronounced destruction.

To be honest, I expected that new models of the iPhone to be more resistant to fire, since they are made using materials that do not burn as easily as plastic, but here that not everything that is new is necessarily better so you now know what kind of terminal will better resist in case of fire.

iOS 9.3.3 to fix a serious problem FaceTime

iOS 9.3.3 was released last night by Apple with fixes to many operational problems and vulnerabilities, and these include FaceTime and one involving hackers and allowed them to keep active audio feed of the conversation, even after completion by the parties.

According to Apple, iOS 9.3.3 vulnerability closed in applying for FaceTime calls, but nobody knows if the audio only, or those audio / video, and a hacker could take advantage of it to listen conversations made by users iPhone around after completing a FaceTime conversations.

face time

The vulnerability appears to be present in OS X 10.11.5, thus affecting including Macs, but until now it was not disclosed by Apple, or computer security researcher who came from the discovery, so it’s unlikely that any person has taken advantage of it to listen to any conversation.

Despite this, this vulnerability reveals that while FaceTime is regarded as a highly secure communications, thanks to encryption HTTPS data transmission, in reality it is not without problems that threaten user privacy and appeals of to them.

An attacker in a privileged network position may be able to cause a relayed call to continue transmitting audio while appearing as if the call terminated. User interface inconsistencies existed in the handling of relayed calls. These issues were addressed through improved FaceTime display logic.

Closing the vulnerability by launching iOS 9.3.3 and OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan solve the problem and should motivate many people to make updates for these versions of the operating system, it existed apart from many other fixes for vulnerabilities affecting various segments of iOS 9.3.3 and can endanger the safety of users.

Super Stickman Golf 3 Editor’s Choice is the week in the App Store

Super Stickman Golf 3 is the Editor’s Choice of the week in the App Store announced by Apple and promoted for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the game is extremely interesting, being based both on series stickman, and the idea of using golf CPC to meet a variety of bold objectives.

Super Stickman Golf 3 is the third game in the series Stickman Golf, developing company implementing in it an extremely wide range of locations where we can perform the action, but also a wealth of new targets that we must meet together a variety of power-ups.
Moreover, Super Stickman Golf 3 rethinking gaming experience that offers previous versions of the title, so now we have the opportunity to compete including our friends through multiplayer, or even against users connect to corporate servers developer.

Super Stickman Golf 3 is packed full of new courses, power ups, collectable cards, game modes, multiplayer madness and a ton of new surprises for you to discover. It’s a new spin on the classic game! Master the 20 new courses on your own or square off against your friends and players from all over the world in one of the many multiplayer turn-based play it modes. Be or real-time race mode, Super Stickman Golf 3 enough has to content keep you playing for years!

Super Stickman Golf 3 features 20 new locations where it can perform its action, 35 unique characters that we can choose new effects that you can apply on a golf ball and a multitude of other achievement links, or other items we can download during the unfolding action.

1. 20 Brand New Courses
2. Turn-based and real-time multiplayer modes
3. Crazy New Power Ups
4. Add To Your Spin Ball
5. 35 Unique Characters
6. Over 65 Hats That Change Gameplay
7. Look Your Best With Over 40 Stylish Ball Trails
8. Lots of Achievements
9. Downloadable Courses
10. New Game Modes
11. Daily Races and Rewards
12. Flappy Golf mode!

Facebook has launched a new Like button

Facebook has launched a new version of the Like button visible on most websites on the Internet, the US company by modifying the design of this button to persuade users to share more content on the internet like sites that give them articles, pictures, videos and more.
As you can see in the picture below, the change is quite subtle, replacing Facebook logo or button with a character representing a hand with opposable thumb up sign thumbs up with more persuasive than draft logos Facebook site, which was present until now button.

The folks at Facebook say they have conducted a series of tests to see if change alogo’s the button could increase user interaction with him and it seems that people gave 6% more likes after the Facebook logo it was replaced with a thumbs up success or being as can be surprising.

The change made today by implementing the new Like button is part of a strategy greater Facebook to change the buttons used for sharing content across its network of socialization, they are going to be improved to be more recognizable in the various web CEs they use.

Changes made to the Like button have become visible to most people who access the network Facebook, and various websites on the internet, so if until now you have not seen the new button you should you have little patience for the changes to propagate in the whole world.

That said, I recommend you test the new Facebook Like button in this article.

Mobile-friendly: The original was designed Like button in the when mobile WAS ITS early days. Over 30% of Like button impressions come from mobile devices, and we have it releasing new sizes button you-can choose the best one for your site on desktop or mobile.

Cleaner design: We modernized our entire suite of Social Plugin updated buttons with icons That better reflects the Facebook brand and provides a more engaging experience for people. The new design System will work across all our buttons, and includes color Consistency, the flat button design, and counts Like and Share Within the button for a cleaner, more refined visual style.

Backwards compatible: The Like and Share buttons is embedded in millions of third-party sites, so we made sure any changes we made worked That Every configuration with previously available. In this design process we did exhaustive testing with different languages and in the context of people’s sites Not enough backwards compatibility and scalability.

Instant Articles integration: In the coming weeks, Instant Articles Will Be Able publishers to add Like, Comment, and Share buttons to the bottom of Their Instant Articles, and interactions with buttons THESE Will Be Like and Share included in aggregate counts. If you have the Comments plugin installed on your site, comments on Web sync article Will the conversation with Instant Article STI equivalent. Comment if you have Mirroring Turned on for the Comments Plugin, comments from the article’s post in the News Feed Will Be synced with the web article and the Instant Article, Creating the unified thread across all three surfaces.

Guides for jailbreaking the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV

This article was written to provide you answers to frequently asked questions about jailbreak and bring you detailed tutorials on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV.

If you are new to jailbreaking  you should  go through the questions we responded to below for a better understanding of this simple process. If you already have experience and are only looking for tutorials you can find at the bottom of the article tutorials for various jailbreak methods. All you have to do is search  for the iOS version you want to jailbreak and the type of iOS device you have. After you have found it, simply click on the link to watch a detailed tutorial.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking essentially means modifying iOS, Apple`s mobile operating system, in order to run unsigned code to gain access to some Apple restricted files.

After jailbreaking your iOS  device you will notice unofficial application installers which will grant you more freedom in handling your device than a non-jailbroken iOS device.You can install extensions that are unavailable through the App Store, such as Cydia, download 3rd-party applications ,or gain instant access to your system settings from anywhere on your iOS device through extensions that non-iOS devices do not have.

Basically through jailbreak you can install anything you want, without worrying about Apple`s restrictions.

The pros of Jailbreaking

Not all applications meet  Apple standards, and most of them offer possibilities that Apple doesn’t want you to have on your iOS 8 or iOS 9 device. The advantage jailbreak offers you is exactly the possibility to install 3rd-party applications and tweaks that Apple doesn’t approve in the App Store.

Through jailbreak you can customize your iPhone 6s, completely changing its appearance either by changing app icons or the general user interface ,the most popular being WinterBoard.

You can bring improvements to the way your device operates through tweaks, mods and extensions. For example, you can have 5 icons in the iPhone app switcher at once, instead of 4 if you install Five Icon Switcher.

A reason for most users to jailbreak their iOS is unlocking it to work on a different carrier.  Jailbreaking your iPhone is the first step before unlocking it so that you can have other carriers work on your  iPhone. You can read more about unlocking your device on our dedicated unlock page.

Isn`t  Jailbreaking Illegal? 

Jailbreaking was illegal in US until July 2010, when the US government passed a law making jailbreak legal.

But even if you don`t live in the US you have to keep in mind that people all over the world have been jailbreaking  since 2007, and we haven`t heard yet  about anyone sued by Apple because they jailbroke their iPhone.

Does my warranty become void if I jailbreak?

Apple acknowledges the fact that the US government made jailbreaking legal but if you go to the Apple Store with your jailbroken iPhone, the Apple employee will tell you that you voided your warranty when you jailbroke your phone.

Apple released an article on jailbreaking in which they said :

“Apple strongly cautions against installing any software that hacks the iOS. It is also important to note that unauthorised modification of the iOS is a violation of the iPhone end-user license agreement and because of this, Apple may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorised software.”

If it is absolutely necessary to take your iOS device to an Apple store you can just restore it to its factory settings in iTunes. Apple will never notice the changes you made, the device being restored to the way it was when you bought it. This was done before by many users and Apple provided them the usual customer support.

Can jailbreak turn my iPhone into a brick?

While this could have happened  in the previous versions it is now completely impossible so you can forget  the stories people used to say.

Worst case scenario, the device might get stuck and become unresponsive while doing the jailbreak, but there is still hope. In this case you can restore your iOS device`s firmware to its original state.

Are Jailbreaking and Unlocking the same thing?

Jailbreak is not the same thing as Unlocking. We previously said that you have to jailbreak your phone first before unlocking it. Also jailbreak allows you to install 3rd-party applications and mods, while unlocking your iPhone allows you to use it on a different carrier.

If you`re interested you can  read more about the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking here.


Are iTunes and the App Store still available after Jailbreaking?

iTunes and  the App Store will still be available after jailbreaking your device, nothing will really change. After jailbreaking your iOS device the most noticeable change will be a new application installed, called Cydia.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is the equivalent of the App Store of jailbreak applications. You can use it exactly like the App Store to browse for apps, tweaks and mods, to download  everything you need effortlessly. Some apps and tweaks may  cost some money but most of them are free.

Can I still update my iOS after I jailbroke my device?

If you decide to update your iOS you have to keep in mind that upgrading your device to the latest version will overwrite your jailbreak, restoring it to its original settings.This may be an issue for the users that rely on jailbreak apps and tweaks, but otherwise it`s not a problem.

Usually when Apple releases a new iOS update it doesn`t take much time before hakers come with an update for the tools that let you jailbreak. After the jailbreak is available it is recommended  to backup your device first, then update to the latest iOS version. After your update is finished, just jailbreak the device again using one of the updated tools.

There is no specific time to when a jailbreak is released for an iOS update so our recommendation would be to delay updating  your device  when a new version is made available if you mostly use jailbreaked applications.

What types of jailbreaks exist?

You can find three types of jailbreak: untethered, semi tethered and tethered. You can find more about the differences between them here.

Can I get App Store applications for free if I jailbreak?

You can, but installing pirated apps on your jailbroken device is illegal and does not support the hard work of developers so we don`t recommend it. Also you do not benefit from support  on app piracy.

How hard is it to Jailbreak an iOS 9 device?

Recently jailbreak has become very easy. Jailbreaking usually requires getting a piece of software called Cydia Download, plugging your device into your computer and running the software. You don`t need any special knowledge to do this.

At the bottom of the page you will find detailed tutorials on how to jailbreak your device, which will guide you step-by-step through the process, through clear instructions and images so you can feel comfortable jailbreaking your iOS device yourself.

Which Jailbreak Tool is best?

Jailbreak tools are being  constantly  updated and improved so we can`t talk about the “best “ tool. What tool you use depends on a set of factors : the iOS device, software version, and the computer you use, Mac  or Windows.

Does jailbreaking cost money?

It does not!

Hackers may ask for donations sometimes but they release the  jailbreak tools for free. If you ask someone else to do it for you they may charge you for it. So you can either pay someone to do it or you can do it yourself for free.

iOS 9 like Lockscreen using Unlock9 Cydia Tweak

For most of you who’ve desired the Slide everywhere to unlock attribute on their iOS 8 apparatus, here’s it. Eventually.

Unlock9 somewhat changes the lockscreen to take away the backdrop on the Slide to Unlock text and this adds an infinitely more real appearance to the iOS 8 lockscreen.
There happen to be plenty of Slide to unlock adjustments (lockscreen slider cydia tweaks). A lot of the have reconsidered the way the slider works/animates. Apple shifted the entire game by truly which makes it less difficult to unlock your iPhone. No longer was it essential to slip just the slider. Now you can slip everywhere around the display to unlock the lockscreen.

Exactly the same functionality, nevertheless, isn’t accessible for iOS 8 users.

Unlock9 does have no settings to configure. Once installed, it activates mechanically.

Most recently, we covered a fresh tweak (SevenCenter) which brought iOS 9-fashion telling facility animation and backdrops (less featured than FasterBlurriedNCBackground but more closer to iOS 9-design). In addition, there are other adjustments/tweaks you can make an effort to get the iOS 9-appearance on any apparatus which runs iOS 8.

When you alter the default font (BytaFont) to HelveticaNeueLight and use those iOS 9-design backgrounds, Unlock9 will really make it seem like you’ve got iOS 9 installed in your iPhone.

Check it out. Unlock9 is free to download in the ModMyi repo.
(Notice: the tweak raises the clock font size. It’s incompatible with LockInfo.)

How to enter phrases quickly using keyboard shortcuts

A lot of you mightn’t know about an excellent computer keyboard attribute of iOS using which iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can enter phrases immediately without having to type everything. If the of you are sending an e-mail or a text message they are able to only enter the shortcut to make iOS compose the phrase for them mechanically.

How this works is really straightforward, users can put shortcuts to their often used phrases. For example they are able to place omw as a shortcut for On my Way. As soon as they’ve assigned a shortcut to a phrase whenever they are going to enter that one pair of letters iOS will immediately replace it together with the similar phrase.

What exactly are the results when a user would like to enter the exact same word she or he is using as a word in the message. However, imagine if I’d like to make use of the phrase rust within my message. That’s straightforward also, all I must do is instead of reaching space button I could pat in the little x button situated on the preview pop up to tell iPhone that I don’t need to replace this word using the pre-designated phrase.

Open Settings and after that pat on General. Now try to find the Computer Keyboard choice.

About the menu for Computer Keyboard you’ll find Shortcuts. This is the point the location where it’s possible to add, delete or edit shortcuts for computer keyboard.

The best way to put in a keyboard shortcut for just about any phrase?

To put in a shortcut to your most used phrase obey the steps below.

Thats it!

Editing or deleting shortcuts and phrases is very easy also.

After you have added the appropriate shortcuts to your most used phrase this attribute is able to make your daily life easier. This won’t only assist in reducing attempt of typing and conserving time . however, additionally, it will let you immediately enter little phrases such as I’m running late or On my way when you are doing something such as halted at traffic signal or doing another work. But even with the’ utility this attribute will take a while to getting used to and recalling the shortcuts may be catchy in the beginning. As soon as you get your hands on it you’ll never return.

Top 10 Best Apps for iOS 8 Cydia 2015

  1. Activator
    If you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the activator will allow you to launch utilities or applications with a simple button press or a quick swipe or tap. The activator is the foundation of a lot of Cydia tweaks. You can compose an email by doing a two-finger pinch on the screen or respring swiping left on the status bar and you can even take a screenshot by simply shacking your device.
  2. Applocker:
    This app allows you to forbid access to specific apps of your own choosing, that may contain private information you don’t want others to see. You can lock any application on your phone. When a locked application is opened, a pop-up asking for a password will appear. As with any password protected application, entering the wrong password will keep it locked, while entering the correct password will unlock the app and allow you access to it.
  3. Display Recorder:As the name suggests, the display recorder app allows you to capture high quality videos directly from your iPhone or iPad’s screen. The application has a built-in web server that allows you to browse your recorded videos using your PC browser. You can also publish your recordings to YouTube directly within the app. The display recorder is the best known app that does what it says it does.
  4. HipStore:
    This is the first cracked iphone apps downloader for iPhone. The HipStore app allows you to download free iphone apps from Cydia and play them in offline mode.
    The best things about this app are that you can stream and download free games and tweaks for iphone and also you do not need to share free apps.
  5. Adblocker:
    This is a powerful tool that is also small and easy-to-use. It blocks ads in your browser and other apps speeding-up the connection and reducing data storage.
  6. AppAddict:
    AppAddict brings in the usual and somewhat boring iOS app switcher some new gestures and multitasking enhancements. You will be able to toggle GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-fi and other functions directly from the iOS multitasking bar. You can also exit any apps just by swiping down the icons and watch the state of any opened apps in the task switcher.
  7. appdb:
    appdb allows you to upload one or several files at a time to the iPhone media libraries without using a PC or iTunes. You can directly import to the media libraries any song, photo or video located on your device storage.
  8. iTransmission:
    With this you can download torrents into your iDevice.
  9. iBlacklist:
    iBlacklist app is a security system that can help you to make your iDevice safer by the use of a software that limits the exposure of the device it’s installed on to communicate with frauds or with someone you just want to ignore.
  10. Live Wallpaper:
    Live Wallpaper, as the name suggests, offers live wallpaper displays in the background.

Cydia Tweak Auto App Updater

Auto App Updater is among the best practical Cydia tweaks that you could ever have.

On Android, you may set an program to upgrade itself whenever theres an upgrade available to get a certain program. Sadly, this function hasnt been reproduced in iOS (for various reasons clearly). Its really great in a way as you can read most of the reviews on an program upgrade before determining to upgrade the program in question.

But its definitely not amazing looking at the badge in the App Store icon: youve got a whole lot of programs to upgrade and also you presume youll get to it soon. The issue? You never get around to upgrading the programs.

Auto App Updater upgrades your programs automatically in the background. It doesnt send you notifications, badges as well as other annoying things.

Auto Program Updater Cydia Tweak

Upgrade Info: Few folks actually care in regards to the upgrade info but its always a great thing to have a look at it. Auto App Updater places all of the upgrade information for the program it’s upgraded (or has to upgrade) so it is possible to catch that readily.

Program Settings: got a free program that’ll set you back cash when you upgrade? Well, it is possible to configure what programs get upgraded through the Auto App Updater using this setting. Essentially, theres lots of independence here.

Besides these, the tweak will even let you know when another upgrade is scheduled for. You may also see the upgrade history so that you understand what programs are upgraded lately.

Upgrade Program: You may set the upgrade program to several hours to several days.

Upgrade on Wifi just: if you dont need to burn your information apportionment, it is possible to enable this to make sure that the programs get updated only when youre on Wifi.

Auto App Updater is on the Cydia shop for $2.99.

Jailbreak Update iOS 8.4

Following an extended delay the untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.4 and earlier variants was released by evad3rs. The tool is really capable of jailbreaking all freely accessible variations of iOS 8.2 and attributes support for many models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

It’s been rumored that the next major launch of iOS could get released sometime in January. Once that occurs Apple will eventually cease signing iOS 8.4 and thereby forcing users to update directly to iOS 8.3.

Now since evasi0n 7 is already accessible it’s not affirmed that it is going to support closing construct of iOS 8.3 once it’s released. Whether this tool is unable to jailbreak another release of iOS then programmers must upgrade it and that could take some time particularly if Apple fixes the susceptibility hackers happen to be using

A person who would like to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

A person who’s running any variant of iOS 9 prior to 8.4

A person who’s still running iOS 8 or older edition of the operating system

In the event you upgrade right you can now update and jailbreak your apparatus with no problems.

1 . Download iOS 8.1.3 to manually upgrade it on your system. If you would like to update mechanically subsequently just link it to iTunes.

*After you’ve got downloaded the firmware link your device to iTunes.

2. If you’re updating manually then choose the iOS 8.4 IPSW file you just downloaded.

3. Now open 2’s outline page by simply clicking to the iPhone button situated on top right side. Next click in the Check for update button in the event you would like to upgrade mechanically or select the Restore iPhone while holding the Shift key on Windows or Option key in the Mac.

Let iTunes upgrade your apparatus. Once it’s done you can jailbreak your apparatus.

Make use of the guides below to jailbreak your apparatus using Evasi0n 8, Pangu 8.2 and Taig 8.3.